Seeking Legal Guidance in Greenville, South Carolina: Addressing Family and Immigration Challenges

As a 41-year-old man who married in December 2019 and resides in Greenville, South Carolina, I am facing significant challenges in my marriage and immigration status. My wife, who is on an H1B visa since 2016, and I are parents to a child born in August 2020.  


In November 2023, following a disagreement with my wife, she asked me to leave our home, preventing me from seeing our child regularly. Due to my lack of work status in the US and financial instability, I returned to my home country.  


Now, as I seek to address my immigration status and reunite with my child, my wife is imposing materialistic demands and conditions for providing essential paperwork. She has blocked communication and is withholding crucial information about my legal documents and potential divorce proceedings.  


I am in distress due to the emotional and mental strain caused by the situation. I am willing to establish a separate living arrangement to maintain contact with my child, but my wife's actions are hindering this process.  


In this complex and challenging situation, I have several pressing questions and seek legal guidance: 


1. Can I request legal counseling with my wife to address our issues amicably? 

2. Do I have the right to demand that my wife provide me with the mail she has received on my behalf? 

3. How can law enforcement assist me in resolving these disputes and ensuring my rights are protected? 


I am in urgent need of legal assistance to navigate this difficult period and safeguard my rights as a father and spouse facing emotional and mental abuse. Any advice or guidance on the legal options available to me in South Carolina would be greatly appreciated. 

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