Seeking Guardianship for Autistic Sister after Aunt's Passing

I am a 19-year-old female residing in West Virginia with my aunt and uncle for over a year. Following my aunt's passing in March, I have taken on the responsibility of caring for my 6-year-old sister, who is autistic. My uncle, who is on disability for epilepsy, contributes minimally to her care, leaving me to handle most of the financial and caregiving responsibilities.  
Given the circumstances, I am considering petitioning for guardianship of my sister to ensure her well-being and proper care. While my aunt and uncle were granted guardianship in North Carolina in 2017, our recent move to West Virginia has left me uncertain about the legal process of transferring guardianship back to North Carolina. 
My uncle's lack of involvement and the financial strain placed on me have become untenable. I am determined to secure guardianship to provide a stable and nurturing environment for my sister. She relies on me for daily tasks such as feeding, bathing, dressing, and educational support, given her special needs. 
As I plan to relocate back to North Carolina soon, I seek guidance on the steps and procedures involved in petitioning for guardianship in a new state, ensuring that my sister's best interests are prioritized. 

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