Resolving an Outstanding Warrant in Newark, NJ for Domestic Violence Allegations: Seeking Legal Advice

In Newark, around 7 years ago, I was falsely accused of domestic violence by my ex-partner, resulting in my arrest and subsequent release with pending court dates. Due to frequent rescheduling of court appearances, I eventually missed a scheduled date, leading to an active warrant against me. This situation has severely impacted my life, hindering my ability to secure employment, obtain a driver's license, and move forward. 


Prior to this incident, I was also involved in another domestic violence case with my child's mother. Despite these accusations, I want to emphasize that I am not a violent person and have maintained a healthy relationship with my current partner and child. 


As I seek to address this issue and move past it without facing imprisonment, I am reaching out for guidance on how to navigate the legal process effectively. I am determined to resolve this matter and clear my record to pursue a successful and fulfilling life. 


Could you please provide me with advice on how to address this warrant and potentially have it removed from my record, allowing me to move forward positively? Any assistance or insights on the steps I should take to resolve this situation would be greatly appreciated

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