Persistent Harassment: Dealing with Unwanted Contact After Termination of Parental Rights

 In Arkansas, U.S., my ex-husband abandoned our daughter when she was around 5 years old. Despite waiting for a couple of years, I received no child support, and he changed his contact information, cutting off communication. In 2020, I took legal action to terminate his parental rights, and the court granted the order. 


Fast forward to the present, my ex-husband and his wife persist in attempting to contact our daughter or harass me through messages. Is there any recourse available to me beyond simply blocking their repeated attempts on various social media platforms, where they continually create new accounts? 


Additional information: My daughter's biological father relocated to another state when she was 5 and never made any effort to see or communicate with her or me. He ceased child support payments and all forms of contact. After a few years, I pursued legal action to terminate his parental rights, believing that my daughter deserves a consistent father figure. The court ruled in my favor and terminated his rights. Despite this, the biological father and stepmother continue to create new accounts on different platforms to send harassing messages. I have previously advised them to direct any inquiries or concerns to my attorney. 

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