Navigating Custody Challenges: A Journey from Alabama to Florida


1. In October 2022, I separated from my ex-husband in Alabama due to domestic abuse.

2. After numerous conflicts and instances of aggression and harassment, we reached an out-of-court settlement regarding custody of our toddler in August 2023.

3. In September 2023, it was discovered that he had been using methamphetamine since November 2022, leading to a temporary suspension of his custody rights.

4. He regained custody after two months and swiftly moved to South Florida without providing official notice in December 2023.

5. In early November 2023, I notified him via certified mail of my intention to relocate to the Florida Panhandle.

6. Despite no objection, he declined to move and announced his engagement to a woman from Africa, spending several months there.

7. His communication with our child has been irregular, and he recently started contributing financially towards childcare.

8. Our child was referred for evaluation due to signs of separation anxiety.

9. By July, we will have completed six months of residency in Florida.

10. The next step is transferring the case from Alabama to Florida for custody/visitation modification.

**Next Steps:**

1. Determine the procedures for transferring the case between states and file for custody/visitation modification.

2. Prepare to represent yourself in court due to limited resources.

3. Submit the application to the court and communicate with specialized family law attorneys.

4. Identify the legal requirements and necessary documents for the case transfer.

5. Monitor progress, legal deadlines, and ensure compliance

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