My employer issued me a termination paper as I was terminated due to cancellation of my apprenticeship

 I was employed in an apprenticeship contract in WI. The state Apprenticeship rules state the employer does not have the authority to cancel an apprenticeship contract only the apprenticeship department does. 

The procedure is the employer contacts the department and suggests cancelation and the department sends out a 20 day intent to cancel notice where your allowed to dispute the opinion to cancel and include ways you could fix/change things and if recived the contract remains in active status untill the department issues a determination. Now my employer issued me my termination slip stating I was terminated due to my apprenticeship being canceled , the thing is I had my dispute to cancel turned in on time and my apprenticeship was not canceled when I was given my reason for termination . In my dispute I also requested accommodations etc . I contacted EEOC and they said they couldn’t really help since I only have proof of requesting accommodations in writing and not verbally was after I was terminated that I submitted in the intent to cancel notice on time even though the employer didn’t follow the state rules on the cancelation procedure . Looking for opinions/options here . Thank you Guys! P.S the ideal outcome for me is to get my Job/apprenticeship reinstated .

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