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 My job has a policy for sick/covid and due to this I was forced the miss 3 weeks of work. (Covid, turned to bronchitis then turned to pneumonia and all of the different things made it hard to keep my fever gone long enough to return). I have all 3 weeks worth of texts with HR, was told I wouldn’t be fired for missing this time (because it was company policy) however just two weeks back I was let go due to “attendance issues” and the biggest “selling point” was the 3 weeks I was out because it “showed I wasn’t dedicated to the company”. This isn’t my question but just some background into the situation. 

Our HR is one person, I requested she mail my check because I don’t live close to work not to mention not wanting to have to deal with them after being let go for something I was told I wouldn’t be let go for. She said she will not mail the check because I “have to sign for it”, which you can send mail with signature required, and was told no and then she blocked my number (or so she says, I haven’t tried to reach back out yet). Are they able to do this? Do I really have no other choice besides driving 45+ minutes one way to get a check and have to deal with the pettiness and attitude of HR and management?

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