He's recently passed and I've taken ownership of the property.The trailer I've lived in is literally falling apart

 New York 

I've lived on a commercial plot my entire life. My father ran a construction business out of it years ago but it hasn't been a thing since I was a baby. Since then he has filled with the yard with steel and such. 

He's recently passed and I've taken ownership of the property. The trailer I've lived in is literally falling apart, so I talked to the town about replacing the building as we've always been considered "care takers". They stated since we're essentially grandfathered in they would approve a new building of the same size so long as we started cleaning the yard. We have done so these last few months and they granted us the okay for a demolition permit. Perfect. 

I've now been told that I have to get a permit for demolition and I need to have my current home removed and a foundation set up for the new building already established before I can get a permit to actually install the new building. I dont know what the norm is as ive never had to go through this process. That would end with me being homeless for a longer duration, but my biggest concern comes with a worry that as soon as I demolish the home they'll suddenly deny a new permit. I would assume that if they expect me to build a new foundation that wouldnt be the case but I just don't know.

The current town supervisor who gave us the okay is retiring in april. We don't know the new one. 

Is there anything I can get in writing from the current supervisor or ANYONE affiliated that can legally protect my ability to establish a new building? It's just hard to trust the town will uphold their end of the deal when they have all the power and I'm incredibly anxious.

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