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In child custody paperwork it is specified that a young child is the father's responsibility from the end of the school day on Thursday until the start of school on Monday. The father in question has always made arrangements for the child to be picked up either at the bus stop or by his mother at the school.

Mom has recently gotten married and moved about 20 minutes farther away. 

The father is now refusing to make arrangements for the child's care after school. This is the second week in a row that the police have had to be called because the child had no one there to watch after her because her father did not make arrangements. 

He is now threatening to call DFCS claiming it is the mother's fault the child was left alone because he cannot be there on time to get his daughter. 

He is now threatening the mom and saying he's  going to go after custody... 

My question is: if it's his responsibility to provide care after school on those days is there any way mom can be held liable? She had had to call the police two weeks in a row because of this.

Edit: Divorce decree does specifically say he is responsible from the time school gets out until the following Monday when school starts. 

Decree also states that the father is required to provide transportation during these visits.

Mom has been very helpful with working to arrange care with a neighbor who was on leave from work. The neighbor has since gone back to his job so is unable to help out. 

The father was given several weeks notice that he would have to make other arrangements whether it be paying for an after school program or utilizing grandmom like he has previously done.

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