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I had a former coworker who was dating my partner's best friend,

 and they had an extremely toxic relationship. She developed what I consider an obsession with me.

 When I didn't reciprocate the friendship after she harassed me and attempted to get me fired from the job we were working together in 2018, she started trying to destroy my personal relationships. I pleaded with her to leave me alone, but she began showing up at my workplace and inquiring about me to my colleagues. She remained quiet for the past year and a half until she was kicked out of a bar I work at the other night, and she started harassing me from new accounts.

I have more screenshots from that, and I have at least five different accounts she has harassed me from over the years, in addition to coworkers from three other places I've worked at in the past few years who can confirm that she came and inquired about me or exhibited strange behavior as if she was waiting for me or trying to bother me at work.

The full story: About six years ago, I worked at a restaurant with this girl. She cheated on her fiance, who had a newborn baby, with my partner's best friend, who had been with him his whole life. During that time, 

I was subjected to severe harassment from her and another coworker when I was only 18 years old (they were 24 and 32 at the time). I tried to coexist with her since she was dating our friend, but it quickly turned into a nightmare.

 She repeatedly cheated on him and gave him a sexually transmitted disease twice during their on-and-off relationship over three years. Suddenly, she disappeared, but I don't have the ability to track restraining orders or personal issues of individuals. 

You can reach out to the relevant authorities in the state of Virginia for assistance in this matter. It's advisable to consult with a specialized attorney to get proper legal advice and understand the steps that can be taken to protect yourself and deal with this situation.

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