Urgent Assistance Needed: Facing Mortgage Lawsuit

My husband and I have fallen behind on our mortgage payments for the past few months due to my health issues and his need to take time off work to care for our children.

We entered into a loss mitigation program and have been working with them. They call us every couple of weeks, asking for new pay stubs and bank statements, claiming that they will make a decision within 5-10 days. However, they keep requesting these documents again, asking for the "most recent" ones. Despite my concerns, my husband assured me that this was part of the process.

Today, when we contacted them for an update, they requested the same documents again, along with a "letter of explanation" which I have already provided. To our shock, we also received a court petition stating that we are being sued by the mortgage company for the outstanding balance.

This balance is completely unaffordable for us, as we are a lower middle-class family of five. We have been instructed to respond in writing within 20 days, otherwise a judgment will be made against us.

I am terrified and under the impression that actions would be paused during the mitigation process. I have been praying for guidance from God. If anyone has any wisdom or advice to share, please do so, as I feel completely lost. I am 29 years old and my husband is 35, and it seems that we have been naive and are now on the verge of losing everything we have built our lives around.

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