Unforgettable Night: A Harrowing Encounter with Lost Memories and Suspicion

During our family vacation in NJ, my husband and I met up with old friends from high school. We left our children with family and planned to return to the beach house later that night. However, something strange happened when we arrived at our friends' house. Within just 30 minutes of our arrival, the wife started talking about date rape drugs and even asked if it had ever happened to me. It was an odd and uncomfortable conversation.

To summarize, the four of us took an Uber to a local venue for a concert. My husband and I had three beers each during the concert, which took place from 5 pm to 10 pm. When we returned to our friends' house, my husband began feeling "off." In an attempt to sober up, he immediately jumped into their pool, despite having had only three beers. From that point on, his memory gets hazy. He vaguely recalls being inside the house and then suddenly finding himself in our car. The next thing he remembers is the host coming to get him out of the car around 3 am, inviting him to hang out. According to him, I was passed out on the grass under a tree at that time. Unfortunately, I don't remember much about what happened either. I recall the host giving me a beer when we arrived back at their house and watching them cut a watermelon.

At some point, my husband managed to wake me up from the grass, but I have no recollection of it. I ended up walking into the pool, and the host immediately jumped in after me. My husband, still feeling out of it, went and sat on the deck while the host floated me around the pool and made some inappropriate comments and gestures, according to my husband. I remember feeling euphoric and happy in the pool, but I don't recall the host floating me around. When my husband confronted us in the pool, the host got out and went inside, and I continued floating at my husband's request. My husband eventually fell back asleep, and I assume I napped in the pool. Later on, my husband came to get me, and we both got in the car. We had to sit there for at least 30 minutes because we were both still feeling disoriented. It was during the car ride home that I noticed I was covered in bruises. I had a large bruise on my chin, as if I had fallen and hit something, as well as scrapes and bruises on my knees, side, and arms.

Upon returning to the beach house where we were staying with nine family members, we didn't have much free time to discuss the nightmarish experience. However, we decided to call the host and ask if they knew how I got all the bruises. Their response was that they had no idea, but they insisted that we had a great time and that the night was fun. It took my husband and me a few days to realize that we had lost several hours of that night, and we both experienced a blackout from approximately 11:30 pm to 3 am. We called the host again, and he reiterated how great the night had been. When we asked him what we had done, he simply said that we hung out and talked about the old days. Both my husband and I have never blacked out before, so it was alarming that we both experienced it on the same night. Seeking answers or clues, we made a third phone call to the host, informing him of our suspicion that we had been drugged. We recorded the call so that we could listen back and analyze it later. Additionally, we made a fourth call to the wife a week later, also recording the conversation. During that call, she suddenly remembered me falling. When I confronted her about her previous statement of not seeing me fall, she admitted that she didn't remember. We discovered other inconsistencies in their stories, and the wife's excuse for bringing up date rape drugs was that we went to the same high school. Strangely, she claimed that her husband never mentioned our previous call to them, where we expressed our concerns about being drugged. It all felt very suspicious.

My husband and I live in PA, and we are wondering if we have any legal grounds to take action against our friends. Can we share our story with other people? We have pictures of my bruises and two recorded phone calls as evidence.

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