Steps to Ensure Safety and Seek Legal Help in a Challenging Domestic Situation

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My mom is married and they have a child together. Today my mother went out and had some drinks with friends (she rarely does this just for insight), she got a sober friend to drive her home. When she arrived home her husband got pretty upset with her for going out and drinking and as their argument escalated, he at some point dumped out her purse, with her wallet and phone, and now my mothers phone is missing (though oddly enough, her phone case was still there though), he also threatened to dump her father’s ashes out in the yard. My mother at some point also threw her husbands belongings outside and he ended up calling the police, and then leaving and taking my young sister with him. When police arrived they told my mother she could be arrested for throwing his things out (she was drunk, so public disturbance), they told her since there is no proof of him taking her phone they cannot do anything about it, and they said legally he can take their daughter since they are married, they also said my mom is an unfit mother. For extra insight, her husband has a criminal record, not sure what is all on it but i know he has child endangerment, domestic violence, and drugs possession on it. She also wants to file for divorce. An other thing is I am an adult and I live in Arizona so this is mainly so i can help gather information for my mother. We want to know what she should do moving forward since she primarily takes care of my young sister, and we want her safe. Open to any advice.

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