Personal Injury Lawsuit After Car Accident: Seeking Compensation and Clarifying Police Report Error

"In Georgia, my husband and his two friends drove to another town just an hour from our house to pick up something on a trailer and bring it back home. One of our close friends was driving his truck, while my husband and his other friend were in the passenger and rear seats. On the way back home, with the trailer attached and loaded, they were involved in an accident, and it was determined that our close friend was at fault. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries at the scene, but my husband started feeling increasingly unwell by the time he arrived home. He had a hematoma on his arm, a torn muscle in his chest, and extensive bruising. As a result, he missed over a week's worth of work and incurred significant hospital bills.

To make matters worse, the police report listed my husband's name incorrectly. They assigned someone else's name that is not even remotely similar and who is four years older. None of the individuals involved in the accident have that name or know anyone by that name, so it's unclear how it ended up in the report. Immediately after the accident, my husband provided the necessary paperwork to his lawyer in order to sue the insurance company for compensation to cover the medical bills and lost wages. However, it has been almost a year, and the lawyer has only recently started working on the case. I'm unsure how the process works and what might happen to our close friends as a result of us suing the insurance company for compensation. I don't want to jeopardize our friendship, but my husband is burdened with $8,000 in hospital bills due to injuries sustained in the accident."

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