Navigating the Aftermath: Seeking Justice and Compensation in a Motorbike Accident

 I have legal enquiries, I won't bore you, my partner had a major accident about 5 weeks ago as he was riding his motorbike to work one morning he did 80 kms and the Ute pulled out in front of him and he crashed right next to it. The other driver was completely wrong. I don't know how he actually survived, in fact his injuries weren't very serious. He was taken to the hospital but only had a broken hand/wrist, slight internal bruising, and some infections. His motorcycle was written off, and he has the required legal third-party insurance. My partner was unable to work and take sick leave. Although he was going to work at the time of the accident, workers' compensation does not cover this.

Now because the other driver was at fault he is responsible for the costs. But their insurance 

company is not very cooperative. So I'm after some general advice.

1. How fast was the insurance company replacing his bike.

2. He loses money at his job, because although he gets sick leave, he loses the shift allowances he used to get and can't afford to work overtime which has always been a regular part of his earnings. I calculated losing about $400 to $650 in two weeks.

3. He has been borrowing a car for the past 5 weeks. Should the insurance company offer him a rental car?

4. Can he get compensation for his injuries, even though they are minor, and what about the psychological stress that he caused. I can tell his head doesn't handle all that well.

5. To whom are we talking about this. Lawyers cost money and I'm not sure what they can do and how we approach them.

6. Any other suggestions or advice that can help us will be greatly appreciated.

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