Moving nightmare: seek compensation for damaged items Urgent legal advice

I want to write to you in this wonderful blog, from which I benefited a lot. This is what happened to me. More than 7 weeks ago, I hired a moving company to help with this step.

  We agreed terms, prices and insurance in case of any damages over the phone. I explained about the damages because we had a lot of fragile items and made sure everything would be secured and protected and if any damages occurred they would be fixed if not compensated. The move-in date came and they were late. Apparently one of the two movers called in sick so it took about two hours to find another man.

  So when they arrived, they seemed quite unprepared as though the conversation about fragile items was a major topic of concern in the initial conversation. Mind you, this is the next biggest move in my city. As I watch them move the sofa, I realize the guy in the back is carelessly pulling my sofa. So I mention it and he acknowledges. Then it was time for my bed frame.

I bring it up again and his coworker promised me it would be handled right. After that point they were doing fine until this last minute. We have a very fragile standing desk which if pulled will break and play will be over. Not to my surprise what did he do? $900 office work gone to waste.

We promised to fix itll if not replace with a brand new one. From June 27th to this very date, the company is either making false claims that it is on its way and is fixed or is ignoring calls outright. I've been to the office a few times, it's closed. Call and get a promise of a call back from the owner and nothing again.

Leave voicemails and emails but nothing again. Only to find out the owner moved the company to another city.

I would drive to his new location but with my busy work schedule I don't have time to drive 6 hours there and 6 hours back. Any help or advice anyone can share?

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