Mail Delivery Issues: Receiving Other People's Mail in California

 Hi. I have a question for people in California.

I have owned my home for the past 11 years, and ever since I moved in, I have been receiving mail for multiple different people. Currently, I receive mail at my address for several individuals, excluding myself, my daughter, and my boyfriend. My boyfriend still receives mail at his mom's address and never updated his mailing address when he moved in with me. I'm not sure how these places got his name and my address in the first place, but that's beside the point.

The individuals for whom I receive mail include:

1. The contractor who renovated and flipped my house before I purchased it.

2. The "original" owner (even though there were other people who lived here before, as the house was built in the 50s) and his ex-wife, who lost the house to the bank before the contractor acquired it.

3. A former friend and her three kids who used my address temporarily to receive some paperwork. They never lived here.

4. Three other family friends who stayed with me for a couple of months while they were in transition and searching for new homes/jobs.

Most of the mail I receive is junk mail or notices from insurance companies regarding policy changes/updates related to Medi-Cal. I know this because sometimes I accidentally open their mail, as one of the ladies and I share the same first name and I also receive medical benefits from the state.

I have contacted each individual and arranged for occasional forwarding of specific mail when necessary, and I have asked them to verify that they have completed a change of address with the Post Office or updated their mailing address with insurance companies and banks. They all claimed to have done so.

I have also spoken to the Post Office and my mail carrier, requesting that they only deliver mail to the three current residents and return everything else to the sender. This worked for a short time, but I always end up receiving the same mail again a few months later, even when a note is placed on my mailbox stating to only leave mail for the current occupants.

If you have made it this far, thank you for your patience! Do you have any other suggestions or steps I can take to remedy this issue? It's incredibly frustrating, and I am considering renting out my home in the next year, so I don't want any future tenants to experience the same problem.

Thank you, and have a great day!

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