Home Purchase Gone Wrong Due to City Construction

I recently purchased a home in Texas on July 1st and offered slightly above asking price. Yesterday, a city employee came to my door asking if I was aware the city is doing construction on the road in front. I said no, this was the first I'm hearing of it.

The employee had spoken to a man on site during the home's renovation and got an okay. He also called the number on the property sign (presumably the listing agent).

In reality, I was not notified that I'm losing about 18 feet of my front yard from the middle of the driveway to the current street. After the new fence is installed, I will have just 11 feet of front yard remaining when measured from my house to the new fence line.

This continues - water lines, telephone poles and maybe gas lines will need relocating.

Would this be a failure to disclose case? Nothing was mentioned to me, my realtor or in the seller's disclosure. I estimate the property value decreased $20-30k by losing that much front yard.

Please ask any questions, this is an overview of everything happening. My mind is jumbled. Thank you

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