Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Home for Elderly Family Members: Exploring Options and Legal Actions in Indianapolis, IN

 Once upon a time in Indianapolis, IN, there was a home that had been in the family since the 1960s when it was purchased by the late grandmother. The property was divided among her three children, and my aunt and uncle bought my mother's share with the understanding that she could continue living there. In essence, her siblings became her landlords for a property they owned outright. 

Over the years, my mother has been responsible for paying the water, utilities, electric, gas, and other expenses associated with the home. However, in my opinion, the condition of the house has become unsafe and possibly unhealthy for her to continue living in. I find it distressing that her siblings have allowed her to live in such conditions, and it saddens me greatly.

It is worth mentioning that my mother's younger sister, who owns several rental properties in the area, has not prioritized making necessary repairs to the family home. This adds to my frustration and concern for my mother's well-being.

I am unsure of the appropriate steps to take or the right questions to ask in this situation. I do not want to cause a significant rift within the family, but I cannot stand by and watch my mother live in these conditions any longer. I have offered her a place in my own home as an alternative.

I wonder if pursuing a civil lawsuit would be a viable option in court to seek relocation fees. Should I wait to see what an inspector finds regarding the safety and health of the property? I apologize for the lengthy post and any confusion it may cause. Please feel free to ask any clarifying questions, as I am feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult to think clearly.

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