Discrepancy in 2020 Tax Filings and Claimed Amounts: Seeking Resolution

Regarding the discrepancy in our 2020 taxes (where the IRS said someone we used to work with claimed they paid us more than what we claimed on our taxes), what was mailed to us said we claimed $0, however we did claim the amount on the 1099 we received. 

So our CPA advised that we file a petition and helped us prepare it. 

He is no longer able to help further and we feel hiring an attorney would probably end up costing more than what is owed. If we truly owe it, we will pay it but we just want to make sure the amounts we have already paid are accounted for. 

The IRS attorney responded saying what we claimed was based on a 1099-NEC and the additional amount was based on a 1099-MISC that was filed. Are these 2 separate forms that would have been filed? Meaning we would owe taxes on both amounts? If so, we are fine with just paying it...how would we go about dismissing the case? Is it appropriate to call the IRS attorney to discuss this?

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