Dealing with a Cat Bite Incident: Financial and Legal Responsibilities

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We had 2 accidental litters of kittens (don’t worry, they are getting spayed. The reason they got out was because we came home one night and our front door was wide open and our two strictly indoor cats got out.) Anyways, as soon as they were born we had a few friends say immediately that they wanted two from us, and chose two little boys. Weeks passed and they’re finally ready to go to their new homes, her husband picks them up and I tell him “watch out for the black one, he’s a toe nibbler”.

Less than 24 hours later I get a call from the wife, and she is screaming and cursing at me to come get these kittens. Of course we went and picked them up, she then admitted to us that she left her 2 month old on the couch with the two kittens and stepped outside so she could smoke a cigarette. Then claims that she ran inside when she heard her daughter screaming and saw the little black kitten “eating her face”.

She claims the kitten was trying to get the milk on her face. There was no puncture wounds, or anything but she still said she was going to take her daughter to the ER to get checked out, which I completely understand. We took both kittens, told her to keep us updated on her daughter, and took the kittens home. (As soon as we set them down they both immediately ran to the food bowl and didn’t stop eating for 45 minutes.)

She then got the cops involved, and the sheriff came to our house after 11pm (4-5 hours after the incident occurred). She lied twice on the police report. Claiming that the kittens were ours, and that she was our neighbor (even though she lives on the other side of town), and then said that she witnessed the “attack” when she was ”feeding her daughter in her car seat, and the kitten randomly jumped on her face and started attacking”.

We told the sheriff how she admitted to us that she left baby alone to go smoke and that we weren’t sure what was the true story but that two different stories were told. We also informed him on why/How they got their kittens and that they aren’t “ours” so to speak, because they were rehomed. He said that because it is an animal bite that the kitten needs to go to the vet to be quarantined for 10 days, and had my husband sign something stating he would bring the cat into the vet before 10am or else he would be arrested.

Of course we agreed. He did say that since the “attack” happened under her care, that she would be responsible for the vet bill and that the only reason he is here at our house was because that is where the kitten was currently at. She did offer to pay the vet bill before the sheriff said this too.

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