Car Damage Due to Hailstorm and Insurance Issue

 My son's car was damaged due to a severe hailstorm on August 11th, which resulted in significant cracks in the windshield and numerous dents on his 2011 Subaru Legacy. We immediately reported the windshield damage to Progressive Insurance, and during the call, we also reported the structural damages.

Since the windshield damage was caused by the hail, we couldn't file a direct claim with Safelite for windshield replacement. We had to wait until a representative from Progressive contacted us to schedule a damage appraisal, which wasn't scheduled until August 31st.

However, according to Minnesota state laws, "if you cannot safely drive your vehicle, your insurance company must inspect the vehicle within five business days after you notify them of the claim." Wouldn't severe windshield cracks be considered unsafe for driving?

Additionally, we are concerned that the insurance company may want to total the car due to the extensive hail damage. We have no problem with not repairing the dents and only want the windshield replaced. Do we have any rights to request the insurance company to cover the windshield only

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