Breaking News: The Federal Reserve's decision regarding interest rates tomorrow is pending

 In the minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting today, the discussions revolved around the indicators related to tomorrow's scheduled meeting. Federal Reserve officials expressed their directions and concerns regarding inflation, emphasizing the necessity to address this issue within their jurisdiction. There was a significant focus on problems impacting the markets, such as price hikes, real estate, recession, and the banking services industry.

The possibility of raising interest rates once again, as previously done in the past two months, was deliberated. This was the prevailing opinion among most meeting participants, as they affirmed the need to tackle inflation through this approach. However, some participants believed it was preferable to wait and refrain from taking any actions, advocating for monitoring prices and the impact of their decision on the market.

We are all eagerly awaiting the Federal Reserve's meeting tomorrow and their final decision after reaching an agreement. It remains unclear whether the majority of participants in the minutes believe it is better to raise interest rates to confront inflation or to maintain them as they are. We will see.

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