A Complex Custody Battle: Seeking Justice and Safety for My Children


In this tumultuous journey, my story begins with the shocking revelation that my soon-to-be ex-spouse sexually assaulted my oldest daughter when she was just 14 years old. Unaware of this trauma, I moved with both of my children to Texas as soon as I learned the truth at age 16. My ex-partner admitted to the assault, confessing not only to me but also to his own mother. However, as the years went by, new challenges arose, further complicating our already difficult situation.

A Custody Dispute:

When my oldest daughter turned 18, she expressed a desire to return to California. Consequently, we relocated and stayed with my father and stepmother. At that time, there was no legal custody order in place regarding my youngest daughter. In a moment of misjudgment, I allowed my youngest to spend a weekend with her father, assuming it would be safe since he was living with his mother. Unfortunately, he refused to return her, leading to a forthcoming court hearing to determine custody arrangements. 

Manipulation and Falsehoods:

During this time, my oldest daughter encountered her father while I was at work. Taking advantage of her mental health issues, he convinced her to lie and deny the previous assault ever occurred. However, I possess text messages between my oldest daughter and my stepfather, her grandfather, in which she admits to the assault. During mediation, my ex-spouse falsely claimed that I had taken my daughter's phone and sent those messages to my stepfather. 

Seeking Truth and Justice:

Given the complexity of the situation, the mediator recommended individual therapy for both my daughter and me, followed by group therapy before any further contact is established. However, I am eager to prove my innocence and demonstrate that I am not lying about the assault my oldest daughter endured. I wonder if it would be possible to request a polygraph test in front of a California judge to validate my claims and safeguard the well-being of my youngest child. Although my oldest daughter, now 18, wishes to remain with her father, I am deeply concerned for the safety of my youngest and believe she is not secure in his care. Regrettably, previous attempts to involve law enforcement yielded no action from the San Diego Police Department.

A New Chapter:

Currently residing in Texas, I plan to move back to San Diego in mid-September. I have made arrangements to live with a friend who has two spare rooms, ensuring my youngest will have a safe and comfortable space. As I prepare for the upcoming court hearing, my ultimate goal is to protect both of my children and secure their well-being.


Navigating through a complex custody battle, I find myself seeking justice and safety for my children. The painful revelation of my oldest daughter's assault, the manipulation she faced, and the subsequent custody dispute have left me determined to find the truth and ensure the security of my youngest child. As I prepare to return to San Diego, I am hopeful that the court will consider the evidence, including the therapy recommendations, and make a decision that prioritizes the welfare of both my children.

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