I had been seeing a guy online for a year before we met in person


I had been seeing a guy online for a year before we met in person. When he came to be with me he was in a manic episode and end up going into psychosis with hearing voices and ultimately end up attempting to take my life causing me to be air lifted from crime scene and sent to trauma unit. He doesn't remember the attack or much of the short time we spent together, just small pieces here and there and nothing from the night before or day of the incident. We are dealing with the court process now. Ok so now I have his ex harassing me in every way she can. She has sent me stuff on cash app taunting me and on FB. She has been blocked on both. But she is making fake profiles and reaching out that way and I refuse to respond and give her the argument that she is seeking. She now has started to message everyone from my friends list and is asking for personal information about me such as last name, birthday, address, phone number, how many children I have etc... Not only that she has threatened my life several times now. I have screen shots of messages to other people along with the ones to me that I thankfully got before she deleted them. I don't know what can legally be done if anything with regards to what she is doing. I don't want to waste my time if she only going to get a little slap on the hand because the trauma from what I went through makes it difficult for me to be around people due to lack of trust and fear so me having to leave the house or deal with more than one person is too much for me to go through if it's going to just be a slap on the hand for her.

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