"Service Dog Access Rights in Arizona Gyms: Can They Enter Sauna?"


Are service dogs allowed in saunas in Arizona? As a service dog owner, I recently joined a gym and was told that my dog could not go in the pool due to health risks. However, I have now been informed that I can no longer use my service dog in the sauna. While I understand the concerns about health risks in pools, there are no federal or state guidelines that prohibit service animals in saunas.

I am medically dependent on my service dog for multiple reasons, and I have already received permission from my veterinarian and doctor for the dog to be in the sauna at the gym facility. I want to comply with the gym's rules, but I also want to stand up for my right to access with my service dog.

I am seeking information about any laws or ordinances in Arizona that are either for or against service animals in saunas. If you have any knowledge of such laws, please provide citations and let me know if you are a lawyer or not. I want to ensure that I am following the law while also advocating for my rights as a service dog owner

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