Legal and Personal Challenges with My Former Partner: Threats of Custody Battles, False Accusations, and Uncomfortable Reconnections

As a resident of Washington, I am facing a legal dispute with my former partner who is the father of my children. He has been unemployed for several months and blames me for his job loss, claiming that my inability to watch the kids in the mornings contributed to his tardiness. We do not have a parenting plan in place, and he is threatening to sue me over this issue. Additionally, he is trying to use my past texts to him as evidence against me in court. I have expressed frustration about my childcare responsibilities and vented about my child's behavioral issues, but I have never intended to give up custody of my kids.

My ex-partner's living situation is not ideal for raising children as he is living in a small mobile home with his father and has a history of domestic violence. On the other hand, I have a stable career, a home, and provide most of the financial support for my children. However, he is still trying to gain full custody of our kids.

Another issue that has arisen is my use of a lock on my child's door. I have used it in situations where she becomes uncontrollable and poses a danger to herself or others. I have informed my ex-partner about this via text, but he is now accusing me of being abusive.

To make matters worse, I recently discovered that my ex-partner is reconnecting with old friends who he used to do drugs with, including a woman who he claims to have had sex with when she was 12 years old. This has made me uncomfortable and triggered me due to my own experience with him when I was underage.

I feel overwhelmed by these legal and personal issues and do not believe it is fair for my ex-partner to threaten legal action against me or make false accusations.

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