Food Poisoning in Southern California: Seeking Compensation for Medical Bills and Restaurant Lunch

 I recently had lunch at a popular pizza chain in Southern California where I had the salad bar and a personal pizza. However, after eating my salad and two slices of pizza, my stomach started cramping. I had to rush to the restroom, and it was not pretty. I was shocked by the results. I got myself together and immediately left the restaurant. However, about half an hour later, my heart started racing, my blood pressure was over 160, and I began experiencing tunnel vision and confusion. As a result, I went to the ER.

The doctors were most concerned about my heart rate, which eventually came down after a while. After leaving the hospital, I sent several emails to the restaurant's corporate office and CEO, but I didn't receive any response from the franchise owner. I then received a call from an insurance group, but they disappeared after a brief conversation. I requested reimbursement for the ER co-pay and lunch but didn't receive any response.

I would like to know if there is anything I can do to file a claim against the restaurant. Their insurance group called me first, but they never followed through. Can anyone help me with this situation?

Thank you.

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