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Florida Legal Advice Request

Our parenting plan states that the kids live with me 72% 263 nights a year. We moved away. The ex-husband gets her for spring break and summer vacation.

It was the first time we exchanged back in April it was spring break. He was entitled to the entire spring break. I'm 860 miles away from it. I work at a car dealership and in March I informed him of the dates when the children's spring break was and I told him I couldn't take two Saturdays in a row and that he could have the kids from Sunday to Saturday... because even I thought Easter was his holiday, I didn't want kids who They range in age from 9 to 13 as the 9-year-old still believes in the Easter Bunny to spend Easter at a two-star hotel which is where he decides to spend spring break with them.

They got. School is out for half the day on Thursday and because there is no snow, the school decides to give them Friday off. So I told the ex and said if you want them to come on Friday. I told him again that I couldn't take Friday or Saturday off, but if he came to get it, he could have it

He immediately started threatening me

Our court order states that the parent sharing the starting time is responsible for the transportation. Like door to door or airport

She also says that I am willing to meet him exactly halfway from door to door. I used the word "willing" to try to be helpful not realizing he would take full advantage of it. And he tried to force me to come to him even when it conflicted with my schedule and my finances. I offered him the alternative he never denied getting it early I didn't want it at the crappy no tel Motel in South Atlanta on Easter Sunday

I haven't been able to get two consecutive Saturdays the agency is closed on Sundays and I had a doctor's appointment for my normal day off on Wednesday so I can't afford to take two days off unpaid and recover from driving more than 14 hours

He is now threatening to take me to court for my "scam" for spring break and is basically threatening me about summer break now too. They demand that I lead them halfway to it. And I hope that it will be presented to me before that time and that I shall lead them all the way to it. He constantly threatens me with "courts" and I get served. We broke up 9 months ago and his abuse is still going on. He's made contempt of court or vague violent threats and intimidation about 120 times in the last nine months.

Anyone have any tips on what I can do or should do if I serve. How can I explain to the judge that he used threats to keep bullying me and forced me to deliver the kids to him and then wanted me to stay in the hotel with them that night

I lose sleep because of this thing that haunts me daily

We eloped and according to FL he is a fully capable adult even though I was forced to pay child support from him and he hasn't sent any money or helped the kids financially in all this time

I can't afford a lawyer I no longer live in Florida. I do not qualify for legal aid in Florida because I am not a resident and the divorce cost me $27k

I just want to be alone

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