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 I live in California. I was held captive by an ex boyfriend for around 24 hours. He took away my phone,


car keys, wouldn’t let me leave. I tried leaving barefoot at one point through his front door and he wouldn’t let me. He slammed the door and screamed at me for leaving. I was terrified. On top of that, he had forced himself on me twice and even admitted to not being coherent when he did so. He’s blocked me on everything since but the last time we talked he said “I could have left anytime I wanted to.” Which in fact was a lie. I have no evidence except for messages he sent to my sister off of my phone and her knowing it wasn’t me. I filed a police report where they said I had two misdemeanors he could be charged for. I declined pursuing because I have no proof and I knew if I tried and he found out, he’d find anything to go after me for. He always used calling the police on everyone and everything. Is there anything I can do? He’s a criminal. It’s destroyed me mentally. He works at Disneyland around children. He told me he loved me and could do something like this to me. I’m concerned for the safety of others. I also want some sort of justice too.

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