I currently rent from landlords who then give me permission to sublet for roommates as necessary?

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 I currently rent from landlords who then give me permission to sublet for roommates as necessary. We have a switch for our AC compressor outside our house that needs to be switched for the AC to actually work (otherwise it's just a fan blowing). We spoke with the landlords a few weeks ago and said if we saw another 80 degree (Fahrenheit) day, we'll need the compressor switched. They agreed. They're going out of town May 1st and 2nd, and we're expected to see record Temps in the 80s all weekend. I asked them to switch the compressor for us before the temperature hit the 80s (which would've been April 28th) and they replied saying their HVAC guy advised not turning the AC on until May 1st (May 1st through Oct 1st is what they said) and since they are going out of town, they won't turn it on until the 3rd. I have health issues though so I get sick (not super, but still unpleasant) if I deal with heat constantly. They've never seemed to be sticklers about this until now and i thought we had a really good relationship so far. I asked what the harm was in a few days early and rather than giving an answer, they doubled down with "it won't get turned on. We appreciate your patience". So I'm curious:

1. Is this legal?

2. What can I do about it?

3. What's stopping me from just flipping the switch myself?

4. I know this isn't so much a legal question, but what am I risking if I fight this? Is it worth the risk? Am I being a baby?

I'm in Utah.

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  1. NAL. Who pays for utilities such as AC? If you pay for it I, personally, would turn it on.
    If for any reason you can’t get it turned on here’s a few tips I learned when my AC died during a heat wave (100°+) and I didn’t have AC for 5 days while I waited for the repair company to come out.
    -Block all windows with room darkening curtains if you have them. If you don’t, use thick blankets or sheets
    -keep all windows and doors that face the incoming sun closed at all times… if there’s a breeze outside open windows on the dark side of the house (not the side that faces the sun)
    -if you have a basement or garage get comfortable down there… it’s SO much cooler during those hot days
    -use a ton of fans around the house… Home Depot and Lowes rent them out by the day if you have one in the area. But make sure you get there early… lots of people rent them and they might not have any in stock
    -wet and freeze a bunch of towels, wash cloths, etc. to put on your body if you start to feel overheated. If you have pets, put the cold towels on their paws and/or bellies to cool them down. Don’t forget, if you’re hot they’re hotter because of their fur
    - do not use the oven if at all avoidable… and prep cook for the next day at night when it’s dark and a cooler if you have to. The microwave is your friend during a heat wave
    -shower twice (or more as needed) a day. Lukewarm, not cold water. It helps cool your internal temp and gets the sweat off your body and just makes you feel so much better in general
    Good luck and sorry you’re dealing with this! Not having AC in extreme heat sucks
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