Lawer helping online- Hi I'm from PA and I had the most embarrassing thing happen to me yesterday

Lawer helping online

 Hi I'm from PA and I had the most embarrassing thing happen to me yesterday! I'm mortified! I joined a new gym in my area and they have tanning booths/rooms. These rooms do not have locks.. and when I questioned it, the employee informed me that they use a door tag to show when the room is in use. Still a little questionable but Ok...  at least there is a sign hanging from the door handle and people will know not to walk in. Well yesterday after tanning I was picking my items up off the floor and getting ready to get dressed when a male employee ignored the door sign and walked in on me bent over completely naked. He was behind me so he saw everything! I wanted to crawl in a hole I was so embarrassed! After my walk of shame back out to the front desk, the manager on duty apologized and basically blamed it on the contractor for not adding locks. I left my contact info for the general manager to call me but it's been over 24 hrs and no call. What are my rights? I don't know if i could even show my face there again! What do I do? There are tons of women in this gym even teens. I don't want this to happen to anyone else! Help 

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