I was rear ended (bumper) and not my fault. Party at fault said they’d take care of it with their insurance

 FL not a lawyer. 

I was rear ended (bumper) and not my fault. Party at fault said they’d take care of it with their insurance. I got a quote with independent auto body shop (I picked) and insurance said they’ll take care of it. Quote was less than $2k. It’s 2 months later now without my car and after several supplements, shop charge is at about $6k, the 3rd party insurance is only willing to pay about $5k and there’s about a $1k difference. The insurance adjusters say the shop is overcharging and overpriced. I asked insurance what are items in bill they are denying/rejecting/or don’t agree with but they did not give me an answer. Instead they sent itemized on what they’re willing to pay. 

Auto body says they are prized below average market in labor in my 20 mile radius. 

Policy holder does not want to pay the difference to auto body and says I am being ripped off. 

Unlike auto repair at dealer, I usually get notification of what work needs to be done and what I’ll approve paying for. 

Auto body shop has completed repairs, is holding on to car, and will be charging storage fees if not picked up. 

I’d rather not make another claim on my insurance (several claims already also not our fault). 

I’ve called 2 lawyer’s offices, only 1 called back recommending to write and reach out to insurance adjustor’s humanity. Sounds like $1k might not be worth it for lawyers or to retain one? I didn’t see a doctor-no injuries i noticed. 

Auto body shop sees I might need to go to small claims court against policy holder. 

Insurance adjuster recommends I make a claim with my insurance and pay my deductible. Subrogation?

Policy holder says I’m being ripped off by auto body shop and I should’ve gone to his. He won’t be paying any money. That I should make a complaint against autobody shop with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) and also write bad reviews about them.  

How much does writing negative reviews open me up to legal issues?

Thanks in advance for any insight you could extend.

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