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Need lawyer helping 

Hi all!
I am in Los Angeles and in need of some advice and a lawyer recommendation. Basically, what happened, is that I got a registration ticket in an enterprise vehicle back in 2017. They admit a full liability via email they proceeded to not pay the ticket as they did not have the right ticket number, even though I gave them the ticket info to them when I returned the car. This continued for over three years, 100s of calls, many emails later- they finally paid the correct ticket. Well, I found out for sure in 2020 or 2021 that they had waited too long to pay it as my drivers license was suspended when I went to get a new license at the DMV. I have been driving around with a suspended license, unknowingly, and driving clients around like that. Additionally, my insurance, with a clean record at this time, is $400 a month because of the suspension and I am just not sure what to do anymore .
I’ve tried to contact enterprise with no luck, and I really think that I’m going to need a lawyer in this situation. I need my drivers license cleaned because that ticket was not my fault nor am I liable for it, yet I’m paying the price. 
Any advice?

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