I bought a UPS box and tape

 Even though a crime was committed, I believe some of the charges can be contested as we have certain procedures and rights followed by our constitution. I am looking for an opinion or advice, if someone is familiar with similar situations

Boyfriend: Went to a RETAIL UPS STORE ( I believe the law is different due to the store being retail).

Purchased a UPS BOX and Tape. He had a “New” waffle maker to place in the box. He went to his car and put the waffle maker and less than 1 oz of meth inside the waffle maker. Packaged the time and went back inside the store.

The clerk told him it would cost $125 to ship the package overnight. He asked if they had other options for cheaper service. I was on the phone and stated he could buy a shipping label for half the cost via the Internet.

He did so. And provided the QR code. The ladies seemed irritated as it is a retail store and they are wanting money.

He left the store, and according to the discovery – the clerk called the police to open the package. The police discovered meth. Again, the box was new, and did not have any suspicion to open the package. Their suspicion is based on what? His appearance and that he bought a label from his cell phone for half the cost.

He went out of state and arrive at our Air BnB. The package that arrived was an altered UPS box, with nothing in it.

The NH police arrested him at the Air Bnb we rented. He never received the drugs.

Discovery says: Missouri set up a sting for the package and that he went to the UPS store in NH. That he retrieved the drugs in NH. ( False ) there is a camera showing them searching the property and that they delivered the package to the home.

Can this be fought on the bases of 1. Not having the warrant to search the package? Discrimination of assuming he was a “drug dealer” based on looks. Falsifying that he retrieved the package at a location he did not?

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