Legal advice answer-I and my husband (we will call him ”H”) got into a fight that got minorly physical

I and my husband (we will call him ”H”) got into a fight that got minorly physical. I called the

 cops because I mean who wouldn’t and H went to jail. Well things got out of hand from there. That same day a teacher made a report saying that H hurt our son badly and she knew for a fact he was in serious danger being around H . So the officer asked me to take our son to the er to be xrayed for any injuries and I said yes being a worried mother and all. They sent us home and I get a call the following morning from the dr telling me that my son has a fractured elbow and he wants us to come back so he can get a better xray view . Again I said yes because I’m worried and now upset with myself because if I didn’t fall he wouldn’t be hurt. But as I’m talking on the phone my 6month old son is crawling the floor and climbing on his foam blocks . So in my head I’m like okay that’s a lot of heavy moving for him to 1 :not be in pain 2: not be red or swollen… so I got to the er and we do the photos . Mind you I’m sitting with the investigator on the case asking him why my son is the only one being looked over when I myself have markings,brusies and knots on my head and the dr looks at the investigator and then back to me and goes “ he didn’t say you were hurt” . So I asked the investigator to leave and told the dr what happened. At this point I’m confused as to why he didn’t know and how my son was hurt but wasn’t acting like it in the slightest. He told me “ some kids are stronger then others” and we left . Again he didn’t wrap splint or even cast my sons (6 months old) arm. That he said was “fractured “ I leave town to be with family as I’m freaking upset that it’s gone even this far from my simple domestic call. I go to another hospital for another opinion and they ask me where I got the assumption that it was even hurt. I told them I was told by drs in our county and they asked to see the other doctors scans so I had them faxed over the next day. That’s following day I get a call from the new doctor and they tell me again that they don’t see a fracture at all healed or not. So here I am going crazy yet again because why would this doctor lie to have my husband in jail?? So the investigator calls me after I told my attorney that I got a new opinion and sent him copies of the new findings he tells me (investigator) to go to a child abuse doctor and have her X-ray him once more and that will determine if he was ever hurt or even by accident so we went and AGAIN was told he has NEVER had a fractured arm or any injuries at all for that matter So they finally drop charges on him and let him out of jail after 40 days of being charged for something he didn’t do! 

There has to be something I can do about this doctor and what he did and this teacher lying and saying he ever harmed him in the first place . The whole thing was a lie that she said and it became a nightmare for me and my family (she did have a crush on my hubby before I came I don’t know if it matter but it’s something worth adding) … I know it’s not malpractice because he didn’t cause any further injuries but the mental and emotional trauma to me and our young kids and the travel because we had to leave out of state and I know he can’t claim it was because he wanted to protect me and the kids by lying because that’s illegal aswell . This happened in Nebraska

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