I want a good cheap lawyer my wife cheated on and ran off with the guy

Does anyone know a good cheap lawyer my wife cheated and ran off with the guy about 3 weeks ago leaving me with our dogs and not yet 1 yr old son then on his b day the 16th of October she asked if she could keep our son for two days and she would meet me it his dr appointment for his one year check up I agreed reluctantly and then on tuesday i show up to find out she canceled the appointment and moved it to Thursday so I waited till Thursday showed up again to find out she canceled and didn't reschedule I fear she took him to live with her and her new boyfriend and hasn't signed the divorce papers I had written up so shes still committing adultery and now kidnapping smh I need help getting my son back home where he belongs. And cps said they have to many cases so they cant help she took the dogs as well and when I asked the police to do a welfare check her sister refused to let them see inside the house and they didn't go to the boyfriend's house but when CPS went to the boyfriend's house her and the baby were there but he said that he couldn't do anything until we get legal paperwork and I don't have a whole lot of funds so I don't know what to do I live in Tarrant County Texas and she is staying with her boyfriend and Whitney Texas I think it's considered Hill County

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  1. Go to the courthouse tomorrow and file for custody of your child. The parent that files typically looks good in court. I would put the baby before the divorce if that makes sense, because she’s technically a parent, it would be very easy for her to run without a custody agreement
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