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In November of 2022 I responded to a job advertisement for a BDC Agent for an agent who had never had anyone handle leads online before and was creating a position to help them with their multiple leads they received daily

After negotiations and about three interviews, I took the position with a weekly salary of $750

About 4 weeks ago I started having issues and situations in court that were calling for my attention with my ex, I was attending classes I recommended for mediation and parenting at 11:00pm. to 4:00 p.m. It was short notice and I sent my manager an email explaining that I will be working part time for the next two weeks and that I will continue to come in and deal with any leads and if they need my help I will be more than happy to sign in and help

This morning they called me in for a manager's meeting and told me effective immediately they no longer use the position I was appointed for pack my stuff and leave

Am I a single mother and I've been working two jobs to be able to pay my rent and now I'm panicking

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  1. The only problem I see is that you can't just tell a job that you're going to work part time. You need to so they can say that you did not fulfill your work duties and this is a reason for dismissal. But definitely give unemployment a chance. It can't hurt. he got
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