This morning I woke up to a phone call from a claims adjuster from Geico saying someone had filed a claim against me

 Hello lawyers, I have a question. I live in Florida

This morning I woke up to a phone call from a claims adjuster from Geico saying someone had filed a claim against me. The lawsuit was filed by a lawyer whose client claims to have been involved in an accident on 03/31/2023 which was resolved through a police report from the local PD. She claims to have vehicular and medical injuries (those of which the officer is very vague).

However, I have not had an accident. Nobody hit me, I didn't hit anyone. Like I don't know where it happened, what happened. nothing. I never spoke to the police. I was given my policy number, but I didn't give it to anyone. I completely own my car, I personally have the only set of keys, and no one else can even drive it. Aside from that, I have no damage to my car. It looks as it was when you bought it.

This woman drives a 2005 Dodge Ram, and I like to think rationally that if a monster truck crashed into my Ford minivan, especially hard enough to cause vehicular damage and medical damage, I would have some kind of evidence or memory of involvement. My officer didn't seem to believe me, she was polite, but kept asking me if I was loaning it to someone, or if someone took my keys. Like I have no friends nor family. I live with my boyfriend in a small RV so I know for a fact that he hasn't. not driving.

Now I don't know what the police report says, I guess I'm not in it. I suspect someone got the policy numbers wrong, or this is some form of number wrong. But like I said, my officer looked very suspicious and said her attorney had specifically named me. So I started having really bad anxiety attacks all day long. He's literally worried. I pushed my husband to work and I couldn't drive because I was crying so hard.

Like I want to be rational and think it's just wrong and it will be fixed, if not I can pull the police report (which I have to pay for) and fight it civilly, but it's worth the dope. Like what are the odds of someone in my country filing a report against me like this in a situation I'm not involved in?!

My question is, what do you guys think the chances are of not harming me? Do you think Geico will get the police report and be like "Oops never mind wrong person, sorry about that" or like Am I going to have to prepare for this mess? What do I do? Thank you Free Legal Consultation Team

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  1. Welcome to the legal advice site. You must obtain a police report. If there's no damage to the car, they'll have a hard time saying it's you. Also look at the time and see where you have been. Do they have the make and model of your car? License number and name in the report? Police video or recording of any kind? All the things you want to ask. he got
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