So I went to try and buy an RV today. I signed the address. Exchanged money when we tried to start an rv. It caught fire

 So I went to try to buy an RV today. Signed over the title. Exchanged money and when we tried to start the rv. It caught on fire. 

Didn’t even leave the guys yard turns out he was pouring gasoline in the carburetor according to the fireman and spilled it around the carburetor which caught fire. 

RV was a total loss I got half my money back from the guy but he had already hidden it in his house and refused to give back the rest. I’m out $1,600 and inhaled some smoke as I was in the passenger seat when it caught fire. Seller was in the drivers seat attempting to start it so we could put it in neutral to tow it. Anything I can do to recoup the loss without costing me more money? Located in northern MI

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  1. Depending on how long ago this was, I'd go to the doctor for documentation of the smoke inhalation and any other side effects. That could be useful for court.
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