Please help or any legal advice on the matter My child was in my husband's care because I was being treated for substance abuse

 Please help or any legal advice on the matter

 My child was in my husband's care because I was being treated for substance abuse when he was born. Cps was involved and he put my newborn baby on his dad (I was separated from him for about 2 years due to domestic violence and his drinking) (I didn't know I was pregnant until 28 weeks and immediately went into therapy but went into labor after being on 2 hours of therapy) while I completed treatment recommendations and my daughter stayed (8 years old) with me. It's been 6 months now and my husband is very hard co-parenting with him. He goes weeks without contact and when we do, he only lets me see my son for one hour a week. I found out that my husband has a girlfriend who lives with him and my son and she takes care of all my children. There are no restrictions on how much I can see my children besides my spouses. Cps was not helpful to solve this. I contacted BCBS recently because there have been calls with them about my child's safety concerns due to my husband apparently drinking, driving, and bringing the child to the bar. Also domestic violence with his girlfriend. Last week my husband held court for his two older children from a previous marriage and lost all visits and issued no contact orders. We do not have a parenting plan or any court intervention just cps. I need to file for divorce and get a parenting plan. I'm worried about my child's safety at this point and I don't get help from CBS and I haven't yet been able to find a lawyer and I'm still waiting to be contacted through Claire's program. On my next visit, can I legally take my son? Thank you all

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  1. If your spouse does not file custody papers, you must provide the reason as soon as the CPS gives the child to the other parent who is no longer involved. Go get your child.
    Because he took my daughter from me, Leanne would say I was on drugs and couldn't hold a job. Once they had my daughter to father, they were no longer involved, so I got a lawyer and filed for custody and won.
    You need to file fast because cps will tell it to file NAL
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