Please help I had invited a friend and her young child to live in the house I had just bought so they weren’t couch hopping. No written lease

Please help 😭


Mid February I had invited a friend and her young child to live in the house I had just bought so they weren’t couch hopping. No written lease (I was just trying to be a good friend and assumed she was responsible. I was very wrong)

She paid rent for Feb, was several weeks late for March with several excuses, I kept her around because her paying rent helped me as well although I can pay my mortgage and bills alone. April 18 rolled around and she said she had put all of her money down on another house. I got $200 that day for bills/rent. Still owed $866 but was planning to move out 4/23 and said she didn’t plan on paying anything else. I told her that if she didn’t plan on paying anything else she needed to be out sooner rather than later because I wasn’t babysitting a grown adult that just didn’t want to get off their butt and work to pay bills for herself and child but she can go party etc. She said that if I keep pushing her buttons that she’ll set up camp and stay as long as she wants to until I go to court and legally evict her. I went to the police station and courthouse that day and was instructed to write her a 5 day notice and file for eviction Monday April 24 if she wasn’t out. I write her the 5 day courtesy notice. She curses me out and that evening sends me a text saying that she called the humane society on me to come take my dog and claimed he was without food and water etc. this was totally false and I videoed myself walking into my house with proof that her accusations were false. I also have a great relationship with my veterinarian and they said they’d vouch for me if she actually did call.  This night she calls the police claiming that I took her car keys. They call me, I had my phone on do not disturb and didn’t see the phone call. They then call MY JOB that I’m not even at (I’m a nurse) based off of a false accusation from my roommate and tell me that she’s filing a police report claiming I stole them. Why would I steal her car keys if I want her to move out of my house??? I then went to stay somewhere else and the next day shut off the electric and water after okaying it with law enforcement. So she starts threatening me saying that she’ll make my life a living hell, telling her friends that she’ll send someone after me, etc. I file for an emergency protective order and it gets granted. She crawls through a window in my house and gets some of her things. The police watch her but call the sheriff to serve her. She gets served. I’m told that she can’t get into the house without a sheriff deputy escorting her but that she needs to stay away but that I can pack her things for her. Does this mean she gets free access to my house? Access to go through my bedroom and take what she wishes if I can’t prove it’s mine? Do I still need to file an eviction? If I file does that mean she gets her 30 days and can come in and out of my house as she pleases? I haven’t been staying at my own house due to being terrified of her and how unsafe she and her friends are. She has a list of mental health issues and she’s not taking her medication.  We go to court in a few weeks for the emergency protection order. What do you think a judge will say to all of this?

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  1. If she has been served a protective order that states she can't be at the house. She can't go there and if she does call the sheriff's
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