My partner died from cancer and left me and our 3 kids with a $3000 house payment


My partner died from cancer and left me and our 3 kids with a $3000 house payment. I was a stay at home mom until he died I worked to cover the mortage for another year until I sold the house. The property was 3 parcels total I sold two a house and land and kept one with a shop that was my partners business inside. I kept the shop with intentions of putting living quarters and some razors so close to the beach.  Before I sold to the buyers they were aware I had the shop and she typed up and easment aggreement fast forward 3 months later after the sale she changed her mind locked my gate with her lock put up a 10x16 shed where my driveway would be and Parked her husbands truck where the driveway is and put a pile of fire wood against the building g completely blocking me fro. Being able to drive to my .2 acre spot. The driveway easement aggreement wasn’t able to be recorded after the sale because it’s missing the legal description and it wasn’t included with the title company because the buyer was afraid it would ‘mess up her loan.’ Now I know it was intentional. I have video of her and her husband not letting me and the internet company through so he could instal internet for my cameras she cut the line to on ‘accident’ she also moved my car while I was gone because it was in the way of ‘where she was dropping her shed’ and pushed my car sideways in my driveway against and fence line and her shed so I can’t get it out without a winch now to drag it.

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  1. NAL. Is that easement area the absolute only path of travel into the lot, to the building? Because I do not in some places if the emergency departments are blocked from getting to a building then the people blocking access can get in huge trouble.
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