My great uncle passed away. Come to find out, he was a millionaire. His bank was the executor.


Over 10 years ago, my Great Uncle passed. Come to find out, he was a millionaire. His bank was the executor. He left everything to his Sister, my Great Aunt. Before he died, he gave me his safety deposit box key and told me not to forget about it. When my Great Aunt passed, I went to the bank with the key on my lunch hour. I was her DPOA. I waited over an hour before anyone even acted like I was there. Since my boss was a “B” I was afraid she’d fire me if I was really late. I was the crisis case manager of Elkhart County and worked with the homeless. I needed to be there. Anyways I left my key there and told them to call me with a list of the contents. I never got a call. When I called them, the employee said there was nothing in the box. After I told him that my frugal Uncle would not pay for a box that he wasn’t using. Suddenly he said there was nothing that he didn’t already have. My mind can’t rest! I know there was money and bonds in there. Probably jewelry too. Would they have to keep a list? Would there have to be cameras in there? Can I do anything? I don’t want to try and get money. I just want to know how stupid I was!! Thank you.

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  1. Um.. why the hell would u leave the key there? And 2. NO ONE is allowed in the safe deposit box. So, u asking the teller what was in it or then telling u is ILLEGAL.
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