My friend was on the second floor of the bank building where the mass shooting took place in Louisville

My friend was on the second floor of the bank building where the Louisville, Kentucky mass shooting occurred almost two weeks ago.  She heard the shots and then had to walk past the bodies (which were quite graphic) to get out of the building. She has always had mental health issues, and right now, they are much, much worse. Every time she hears a loud noise now, she jumps because it reminds her of the gunshots. She's doing almost daily therapy sessions and is looking into going into a residential treatment program but can't get in until next week. 

Her workplace has been temporarily relocated for the past two weeks. The company has been talking and planning for the new office in the new building. This morning she walked into work and was met with a box of her stuff and a letter stating her position was "being eliminated". Now, of course, her paperwork doesn't mention anything about her mental health issues or how she's been affected by the shooting, but I don't doubt that that is the real reason she is being let go. 

Is there anything she can do other than sign the non-disclosure agreement and accept that her position is being eliminated? Can she fight back in any way? It's like she is being punished by the company because she was in the building when a mass shooting happened and is suffering major PTSD from that. What kind of company does that?

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  1. NAL. If she's seeking effective, short-term therapy to treat the symptoms of PTSD, I recommend reaching out to a therapist trained in R-TEP or at the very least, EMDR. R-TEP is a specific EMDR protocol meaning "Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol."
    She can stay with or return to her current therapist once she's worked through this. Wishing her luck with the legal aspect. She should consult with a lawyer to see if she has a case.
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