My ex-wife and I lived together for about 2.5 years and owned three cats. After we broke up (his infidelity) and I moved back home (WA to NC)

 This is a long post, please post it on your legal advice site, as there is a backstory.

My ex-wife and I lived together for about 2.5 years and owned three cats. After we broke up (from his infidelity) and I moved back home (from WA to NC), it was agreed that I would take the boys because I could give them more time to take care of them on a daily basis.

While we were living together, my ex-boyfriend took out pet insurance, which reimburses you for your vet costs if approved.

One of our three cats unexpectedly had to go to the emergency vet and had to be euthanized again at the end of August, as I took care of the vet bill. I also decided to cremate him. My ex couldn't contribute to the vet bill but did give a little towards the cremation.

I got the paperwork for the vet visit and my ex called the pet insurance company to see if we could get reimbursed for it. My ex said they approved it and would mail the check to his house.

I had to constantly ask him how everything was like because he wouldn't keep me in the loop. And it always took a little push back.

I asked him for the check, how much it was, and he told me how much, but he had to use the money to get a new transmission for his truck.

(Obviously this pissed me off because why not just tell me instead of using it?)

He apologized and said he'd send me part of the money on March 15th, because he got compensated from his side job of broadcasting on Twitch (which gets paid in the middle of every month once you hit the $100 threshold).

Since then, I've asked him multiple times on multiple platforms about the funds and if he can send me anything, because he never let me know anything. I even went so far as to comment in his livestream chat and he immediately ignored me.

I also sent him money to ship some things I left at home that I couldn't take with me since I packed my car and drove cross country. And I didn't receive my stuff either.

TLDR; My ex owes me money and some of my belongings and ignores me.

What should I do? I'm partially inclined to take it to small claims court if I should/can, worst case scenario.

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  1. They are your cats now, he doesn't have to pay for their vet care (either directly or through insurance).
    Sounds like you sent him the invoice so he was able to use pet insurance that he had probably forgot to shut off. If it bugs you,don't send him future invoices
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