My brother and I had a verbal agreement that he could rent my house on Airbnb and he would pay me $1,800 a month.

 Please publish a topic and your legal answer. My brother and I had verbally agreed that he could rent my house on Airbnb and he would pay me $1,800 a month. We also agreed that he would store my sentimental stuff in Grandma's climate-controlled cubicle in his backyard. Nothing else is discussed. The rest of my belongings - the heavy stuff - I wanted to lock them up in my garage so they wouldn't be stolen or damaged, but we weren't quite there yet. He said he would bring a standard lease agreement with him the next time he was down.

The morning he came down, I had a migraine. We got into an argument about getting me a bottle of water and he kept asking me to sign. I couldn't read it or fill it in the state I was in. He put a pen in my hand and stopped the contract. I fell blindly though I'm not sure why. At that time I felt pressure and I was in pain. All I wanted to do was go back to sleep. It should have just been a standard blank lease agreement with our names and the amount of rent each month.

Apparently, it was not.

He completely took over my house. He painted all of my walls in boring neutrals and stripped away the personality of my home. I spent months and hundreds of dollars repainting the interior a few years ago. It was just the way I liked him and he did it without my consent.

Then he tossed all my furniture - kitchen table and chairs, entertainment center I've had since I was 19, wine rack, bookshelf, desk, patio furniture, glass table, loungers, couches, chairs, sand filter for my bathroom Swimming, my deceased dog bed, the full fn contents of my 2 car garage and

I roofed back, which included things that belonged to my friend, some of which were rare and worth the money, none of which could be replaced. Almost everything in my house was sentimental and irreplaceable, too.

After weeks of asking, I finally got a copy of the lease. That is, my brother gives himself permission to make "improvements" without my permission. I've seen pics of his "improvements" and improvements that look like sh*t. He also changed the monthly rent amount to $1,500 instead of $1,800. He went on to say that I acknowledge that he is not responsible for any damage to my property as it will be stored in a non-climate controlled shed. I have never, and never will, consent to anything of mine being stored in a non-climate controlled environment. That's why I didn't want to store them in my garage or cottage, which also gave him permission to take possession of them. I never agreed to any of these things nor did I agree to him giving up my stuff.

I don't want to go the legal way because this is still my family, but I don't know what kind of shit he will face once. I don't know who this person is, but I want to know my rights.

    From past experience, I'm sure the cops will say it's a civil matter if I contact them anyway and it will still be in possession of my house. Bringing it to court could take the remaining 10.5 months of the contract, after which I'd have to worry about non-payment. I don't know what to do if this is completely civil. I really don't know what to do period.

    The contract between the lessor and the lessee, which is not. He does not live there and never has. Does this matter at all to law enforcement or is it still considered civilian? I know he wouldn't deny not living there.

Is it also civil to dispose of the contents of my house, and does it matter that I haven't completed the contract? he did. I can't prove what state I was in when I fell. It doesn't look anything like my signature and I also don't think my brother would deny what happened.

My stuff was worth a lot more than small claims so I had to find a way to file it in county court which I also know nothing about.

Just wanted to add that I can't get into my house due to a mold allergy. My brother also took it upon himself to cut and replace the drywall himself. I have to have the place professionally cleaned before I can enter.

please help. Any advice or legal advice is greatly appreciated

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