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Thank you. Please advice or legal answer from your side. I live in Wisconsin

My 7 year old daughter has a disability due to her being very medically complex. We lost our apartment at the end of September (the landlord issued a non-renewal to everyone in that building) and still can't find housing due to not meeting income requirements, bad credit, and the previous owner has a policy that they don't. Check the rent, our refusal persists because a lot of landlords see there is no rent history.

I have my 1 year old son with my ex and we have a valid custody order, it's not a set schedule or anything. I don't have anyone we could stay with near our previous residence, so we've been staying with family and friends about 4-4.5 hours apart while we continue to look for housing closer to my son's father. The shelters are all full of waiting lists and I opened a case for services with the Department of Homeland Security, but I didn't have any leads.

We reside on the WI and MI border, and about 1-2 weeks a month we're at my dad's on the MI side.

The question is, does this constitute a loss of its WI or SSI benefits? My ex is a very big struggle and claims to be insurance fraud even though we are on the WI side at least 50%-75% of the month. We meet halfway through a custody exchange and he's never had a problem with it until now, only because I asked him if he'd be ok with us moving to the MI side because we have a chance to buy a land lease home, and now he's flipping through. He's very controlling so I know his temper and pattern, he makes threats to report us for fraud (I remember SSI telling us we only had to stay on the WI side a certain percentage of the month, I thought it was 50% but I don't remember for sure and can't find anything across Internet) Does anyone know how this works? Or what is this percentage?

He's also planning to file something in a custody case because in WI you have to get permission to move 100+ miles. I haven't gone through the channels to do this as I'm still actively trying to find a place closer, we don't have a fixed place of residence, I just go wherever I can put a roof over my kids head that is safe and stable. I'd been staying with my dad more steadily, but this is in MI and I didn't want to switch things up for something temporary. Can he use this against me to file for contempt, because I didn't go through the proper channels to move further away (in WI you have to send a certified letter of intent to move if he's out of state or over 100 miles...and basically if they choose to fight they have to go to Court... I don't know details or proceedings beyond that, because that was never my intention, I've been given a chance in MI in a matter of days in the past and haven't decided anything, I stupidly thought I could bring it up and discuss it with him and go from there because he previously agreed to look about housing in MN that would be the same distance as now, so I didn't see the difference in thinking it would be an issue with him - other than that we'd have an opportunity here to buy a house, have family and friends for support when we're not in MN, and I could also work here where it's not I have anyone trained to take care of my daughter elsewhere for work, because we lost the Special Service nurse who nursed me to work 5-6 years anyways blow it up.)

Any input or advice from the legal advisory team would be appreciated

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