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 read my topic and respond to me. I recently moved to California and have an apartment with my boyfriend and his friend. We started having mold problems in our room and in the apartment and it was starting to affect my asthma. My friend reported this mold problem on March 9th with pictures of it on our property and walls - the owner sent a plumber. The plumber told us he wasn't sure why he sent it because he couldn't fix any of this. 2 days go by and they send someone else, not also a mold person to fix a hole in the ceiling. A week goes by and mold is still showing up and ruining our stuff. We emailed the owner to let him know we were not comfortable living in the apartment because the mold was causing health issues as I have asthma and my breathing was bad. They have a phone call to come to the apartment and he tells us this will require them to break into the wall and that we will get a phone call so we can remove our stuff. We started packing up, waiting for that phone call, then on March 28th we found out our room had been broken into and they had started working on the mold. We didn't get a phone call and our stuff was still in the room. The next day on March 29th we moved the rest of our belongings and sent an email to the landlord that we want from the lease stating that we are allowed to break the lease without penalty if the living situation is uninhabitable. He tells us his broker told him we can't do this unless the roommate replaces us with someone else or qualifies himself. We told him we were not on speaking terms with the roommate due to him being threatened with violence for leaving, and provided the owner with the roommates' phone number and email (we would just like to add that this roommate and the owner are friends and are in constant contact). This morning the owner responded saying the mold in our room has been fixed so we can come back or the roommate will sue us if evicted. Not only was the mold in our room, it was in other places including the roommates room as well, and they just fixed our room so the mold wouldn't go away completely. I'm not quite sure what to do in this situation. What are our rights? Can anything be done? If anyone can provide legal advice of any kind that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. Not sure where you are in California. You should try to access the Housing Rights Centre; They will likely be able to give you better advice and point you in the direction of resources. They helped us when the air conditioner had been broken for three months, and the homeowner was slow to fix it. They advised us to call codes because we can't live in our apartment without heating. (If the AC is out, the heat probably goes off too.) If you're not in LA and they don't cover the entire state, they may also be able to point you toward another group that can help.
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