I am looking for legal advice regarding a rental issue I am currently facing. legal advice supports


Hello all, I'm looking for legal advice on a tenancy issue I'm currently facing. My lease expires in just over 2 months and I do not plan to sign a new agreement. HOWEVER when I went to formally give my required 60 Days notice I was told it wouldn't be accepted since my roommate would need to offer theirs also, seeing as it's  a joint lease. But my roommate doesn't want to leave and he can't sign me off because they'll need to run him through the system again to be sure he is financially able...which he definitely won't qualify for... so once this lease ends a month-to-month goes into effect automatically, even if we don't agree to it, and breaking that requires 15 days notice, which puts me back in the same position with a hefty monthly rent to boot.  The only other option I'm aware of is that I have to get someone else in here. But getting a decent, stable roommate, who can appease the leasing office AND my roommate, who isn't very stable, is a tough sell. 

 I don't want to sign a new lease and I certainly don't want to be held liable or face eviction and ruining my credit. My roommate won't budge and the leasing office doesn't care one bit. What are my options?

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  1. I would email your notice. I don’t see a judge ruling in this favor. They aren’t a spouse. They are a roommate. What the leasing company says doesn’t make any sense. Nal but I would call a lawyer and confirm.
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